Our Brand

Lulu Style was founded in late 2018 by Italian Syrian Leila. The brand she created represents the versatility of modern women who are not afraid to opt for styles that makes them feel comfortable yet stylish!

Leila believes in making her customers feel cool, classy and chic. The whole idea behind the collection is to embrace “mixing and matching”, you choose how to style the pieces in your daily life. She also believes quality products that will remain in your wardrobe for a long time. Designs blend Italian and London styles using fabrics made in Italy. Once you buy a piece from our collection, you will surely wear it, trends evolve but they always come back!  We are looking forward to evolving the brand and launching more exciting collections.

A bit about me…

My interest and arguably my career started at a very early age, right at the heart of fashion industry in beautiful Florence. My father had a successful textile business and my mother her own boutique, you really couldn’t get a better education.

Born and raised in Florence, I moved to the UK in 2009, studied fashion and marketing then became a manager of a prominent high-fashion brand. After family discussions, the time came to incorporate Italian style with an edgy London touch and Lulu-Style.com was born, using Italian fabrics and designs crafted in Tuscany.

When I was very little I used to help my dad creating the perfect swatchers for his clients and I used to wear all my mother’s clothes creating a small runway at home. Sunday mornings were about wearing red lipstick and ruining my mum’s heels - I absolutely loved it!.

I wanted to design and source clothes that represented my personal style, classic, sporty and casual yet always with a touch of edginess. Hence when I created the brand I knew exactly what the name would be – ‘Lulu’ my nickname from childhood and ‘Style’ a personal touch.

The journey hasn’t always been easy considering how competitive the industry is, yet determination and the nice feeling of making customers happy keeps us going. When I see costumers wearing Lulu Style head to toe, we know we’re doing something right’.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to my family and my friends for always being there for me. But a special thank you goes to my customers, to the loyal ones who have supported me since day one and new ones who embark on the journey with us.

Leila x
CEO & Creative Director