Lulu Style was founded in late 2018 by Italian Syrian Leila. The brand embodies her daily style philosophy: wear what makes you feel effortlessly confident and comfortable. 

Our curated collection is a signature blend of casual, elegance, cool sophistication, and timeless style. Each piece is carefully curated to make you feel cool, confident, and utterly comfortable in your own style. 

Our collection isn't just about following seasonal trends; it's about embracing pieces that become your signature, your go-to ensemble for any occasion. From key seasonal fashion to timeless classics that you can wear on repeat throughout the year, our selection caters to your every mood and moment.

A bit about me…

My interest and arguably my career started at a very early age, right at the heart of fashion industry in beautiful Florence. My father had a successful textile business and my mother her own boutique, you really couldn’t get a better education.

Born and raised in Florence, I moved to the UK in 2009, studied fashion and marketing. The dream of creating my own brand was always within me. Inspired by family conversations, the moment arrived to turn my vision into reality. Blending the elegance of Italian style with a touch of edgy London flair, Lulu Style was born, embodying my unique perspective on fashion.

What sets Lulu Style apart is the seamless blend of classic Italian style with a touch of edginess inspired by the vibrant streets of London. It's a fusion of heritage and contemporary influences, resulting in pieces that are both timeless and cutting-edge.

A fun fact about me: when I was very little I used to help my dad creating the perfect swatchers for his clients and I used to wear all my mother’s clothes creating a small runway at home. Sunday mornings were about wearing red lipstick and ruining my mum’s heels - I absolutely loved it!

When I created the brand I knew exactly what the name would be – ‘Lulu’ my nickname from childhood and ‘Style’ a personal touch. When I see costumers wearing Lulu Style head to toe, we know we’re doing something right’.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to my family and my friends for always being there for me. But a special thank you goes to my customers, to the loyal ones who have supported me since day one and new ones who embark on the journey with us.
Leila x
CEO & Creative Director